Monday, August 2, 2010

(Not Sega) Genesis

Ever watch a baseball game on TV without commentary? Yeah, it's not happening. Blame our high level of sensory addiction, blame our need for interpersonal connection, blame the sport of baseball, but understand that human beings love commentary. This is obvious to anyone who has even heard of the massive blogging and tweeting and Youtubing phenomena that engross people and cause mass losses of productivity at offices around the world.

My point is that as the sheer quantity of blogs and commentaries increase like cockroaches at a twinkie factory, you're going to want a guide through all the delightful and infuriating crap that people post. That's my job with this blog, this feed from the dark side of moon. I will critique the critics, offer up a few spicy nuggets of my own, and hopefully make you feel good, but not in the way that Al Gore wants from a masseuse. I just don't get paid enough for that.

Time to break from the huddle, and hopefully I'll help you hurdle over the legions of morons and naysayers to bring you to the really interesting and pertinent entertainment information out there. My topics will range from gaming, to TV, to movies, politics, and anything that would tickle your over-stimulated fancy. Oh, and sports, yeah, that thing that makes male bonding as easy as super-glue.

Let the games begin.

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