Friday, September 3, 2010

Starcraft 2 Campaign Speed Guide - Covert Missions - The Devil's Playground

Don't build a single additional scv in this mission. Immediately build 1 refinery and send 2 scvs to collect gas. Build a second barracks, 1 with tech lab, 1 with reactor. Pump out marines, medics, and a handful of reapers. It's actually quicker (and more fun) to kill the Zerg bases for the cash than to just simply mine. Immediately send some forces northeast and get the second command center with additional scvs and reapers. Send the command center and scvs back west and mine the 2 patches west of your main base. Keep pumping out troops and reinforcing. The northeastern Zerg base is the only one with mutalisks, so leave that one for last. Make your way through the Zerg bases counter-clockwise starting from the south and working your way up. Focus spine crawlers down with reapers and kill hatcheries next. Remember to micro back reapers for healing. Medics are key, and you only really need marines in this mission to take down the mutas, so go heavy on medics and reapers. While you're attacking, build bunkers on the eastern and southern entrances of your base and fill them with marines. Make sure you're checking all the ledges with your reapers to snatch up the resources. If it looks like you're killing bases with ease, stop building troops. If you want the Red Lobster achievement, here's how. Take about 3 - 5 reapers and send them to the brutalisk when the countdown is at 1 minute to 45 seconds. Attack the brutalisk and slowly kite your reapers to the eastern exit of the brutalisk "island." Kite the brutalisk as far out in the lava as you can and when the time is running down, hop your reapers back up west to the brutalisk "island" and laugh as the monster pulls a Houdini disappearing act. If keep destroying bases and picking up minerals, you'll beat the mission very quickly. Just keep a few marines at your base in case mutas come to attack your scvs. Bunkers will easily protect against zerglings.

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