Friday, September 3, 2010

Starcraft 2 Campaign Speed Guide - Covert Missions - Welcome to the Jungle

Pain in the ass mission if you want to get the relics. There's one outside your base to the east. There's one just below the main protoss base in the northwest in somewhat of a nook, and there's one in the northeast corner of the map perched behind a photon cannon and some enemy troops. Get your economy up quickly. Build up goliaths, marauders, medics, and a couple of marines. Send them to destroy the two mini bases to the west, and then the one to the east. Send your scvs to collect the terrazine and protect them in between attack the Protoss bases. Make sure you have a bunker at the northeaster entrance of your base filled with marines. Also, have a few scvs accompany your goliaths for healing. Constantly attack or defend, no downtime whatsoever. Also prevent toss from capping terrazine, but at the same time never leave a scv collecting terrazine undefended. Expand to the eastern mini-base, but make sure you fill a bunker with marines there. If you want to get fancy and destroy the northern main enemy base for the feat of strength, make sure you always focus down pylons and air units first, as your ground army should be comprised of mostly goliaths and marauders.

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