Friday, September 3, 2010

Starcraft 2 Campaign Speed Guide - Colonist Missions - Haven's Fall

This mission is even easier than Safe Haven, even though it's slightly longer. The key is a combination of Banshees and Vikings. Send your vikings over to the immediate eastern Virophage base. Have your vikings destroy all the air units here. Quickly build a banshee to take out the ground forces. Send your ground troops there to help clean up. Build more banshees and then some vikings to kill that base easily. Now keep building an army of 3:1 Vikings to Banshees, garrison ground forces at your base, and don't build any more ground forces. Build a bunker at the southern entrance to your base. Take your Vikings and Banshees and destroy the far eastern base next, taking time to macro down the spore crawlers first. Regroup your air forces and attack the northern base from either side in a concentrated attack. Don't attack frontally, because there are hydras guarding it. Again, macro down the spore crawlers. Regroup and reinforce and attack the southern Zerg base from either the west or eastern side, again, not frontally. At this point, you'll have a silly amount of Vikings and Banshees to clean up the base expediently. Push your forces hard and the mission will be over in record time.

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